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previous bathtub was also drop in and this piece was basically silly come down right on the edge to protect the water from getting behind the tab and this system was working perfectly for the past years so that’s why I decided to use the same thing on my top so I’m just going to put.

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A silicon underneath and then on the top I’m going to put a couple of screws to secure it to the wall and there’s going to be no water going underneath the top so no leaks so now I’m going to put this silicone on the back of my aluminum piece okay we know we’re going to put the last piece in place and it should be it for today okay push it down make sure that silicon is equally distributed.

underneath there yes my engine will gone so now put a little bit more silicon in the corners with two little pieces joined together I also put a couple screws just to hold it in place prevent it from moving or shifting this is called well for next four years nice and tight hardly Baker board is very hard to cut if you have to cut a really small tiny pieces it’s pretty easy to cut it with.

the knife and then you snap it it’s made out of cement and there is some silica so you really should not cut it with any electrical tools like sawmill or regular saw inside because this creates a lot of dust if you breathe it it gets to your lungs and then you can get sick so do not do it if you want to cut small pieces he was a wet saw or if you wanna you’re gonna have it cut it outside and well I was doing that yesterday I will see with my respirator mask even.

Top Risks Of Window Tinting

I’m just going Window Tinting Service to wipe everything down so I can get a really good visual still seeing some trash up here I got it now I’m going to take one of my hard cards sometimes they use my apply them sometimes I use this when it just depends on the window and I’m going to put it in my cloth and I’m going to actually use it to wipe down the insides of these cracks you’d be surprised.

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At what you can get Window Tinting Service some of the darkest places in the car let’s look at that all that black so right now I’m happy with that and I’m going to scrape the bottom little part that just came up inspect it not get in a big hurry I’m going to take this them do the same step on the bottom of these cracks and then I’m going to dry the rest of it off okay I’m happy with that now.

I’m going to do a final prep for the installation of the window film I’m gonna re wet the window just notice I don’t use a lot of water okay you know sometimes people feel like they’ve got to drown their window with water I’ve never had luck with that the more water you I’ve used the more problems I’ve run into especially with electronics and just making a mess but Window tinting service I’m going to wipe.

My squeegee blade clean and I’m gonna start with strokes from one side to the other I’m not going to just break it up I’m just going to try to do continuous strokes it’s getting time for me to change out this squeegee it’s not making the best cleanest path that’s leaving.

A little bit of residue behind a little water residue that’s not really going to cause me how many problems for this but Skype do it again just to make sure I get all the water and then we’ll put my my point down in these.


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Glass because he’s the ultimate glass cleaner because his business is based on whether the film, and the things that he does to it, is clean.And if it’s not, the first thing people do when they look at window tint, is they go right up to the tint, and they look through the glass.And if there’s something there, they’re going to have issues, and for him to go back and do it again.

So he’ll gingerly take it off. And you’ll see, quickly, he’ll go over to the glass to get it on there.You don’t want any wind, you don’t want anything rolling around in the shop to get on the sticky side.And he’ll push it up to the very, very top of the glass.

And now, with the door exposed, he won’t have to jam,or bend, the film to go into the glass guard, which is where your glass goes down and has that little fibers that clean the glass off as it goes up and down.So now, he doesn’t have to worry about those little fibers.

Going in because he took the door off.Rob here at Infinite tint has been amazing.And I’m loving the new tint on the .It totally completes the Window tinting los Angeles look of the car.For a PDF of things you should know before tinting your windows, and to check out our gallery of window tint inspiration, visit Ammo, that’s it for me guys.Thanks again for watching another episode of Drive Clean, right here on the Drive network.After watching this video multiple times and editing it,I realized I forgot to say what tint.

I put on the car.So my question to you is, what do you think I put on the car,based on the video, and seeing him pick up the tint, and seeing light go through it, what’s your guess.Leave a comment below.I’d be very, very grateful.And as always, thanks so much for watching, guys, and supporting the Drive channel.











Ten Quick Tips For Bathroom Remodeling Services

It’s like a big bubble bathroom remodeling services right here and as I started to tile and notice that and so these these imperfections so what Ended up doing and will continue to soup through here is turning each tile just a little bit so pushing this and all the way but this this gap here is this and using these little spacers hereto push this piece of tile out just little bit more and then one of them here to push that out.

And so it’s going to be a giant bubble but if I do it gradually around the whole thing it will probably not be noticeable and again keep checking for the leveler can also use line of sight maybe a few beads in just a look and make sure that it’s level is a slight dip down there on tile number two and three that I’ll compensate for it’s real touch and for example when I checked for level here I found that this tile was sitting.

Down about sixteenth of an inch so I just took two of my little guys here and doubled them up just enough touring that up I also see that this is sitting in too far so I’m going to get my screwdriver going to pull that out and put one of these small guys underneath there to bring this up to the correct level but anyway once I put these in here and raise this up to the appropriate height getting close well the tile is done just needs to be-grouted and turned out pretty good soothe next step will be to grout we’ll.

Make sure we use a non sanded grout in these glass areas and down here so Have a regular ground as well anon-standard grabbers after that I’ll work on the shower well none of the tiling is done and I’m preparing to grout going through ahead of time and excuse me a screwdriver and getting rid of some of this excess mortar places where the mortar has come to the surface a little bit on the edge of a tile maybe it’s just.

The Way You Approach Bathroom Remodeling In New Jersey

There is it does go up to one-inch wide board that can be applied directly to stuff as well with inch spacing cost lets talk a little bit about cost because people say oh Bathroom Remodeling In New Jersey.

It’s very expensive you compare the square-foot pricing of the wide panel it is absolutely more expensive than cement backer boards or fiber cement boards however in comparing value the wide panel saves extensive labor.

When you have to do the waterproofing of the substrate it’s it’s less likely to create environmental mold issues it’s its acts as a crack suppressor and it’s % less weight than the other products I just mentioned the total costs are reduced.

When you use these panels when you eliminate the need for a plumber to install the pan and the drain and a tile setter I would have my tile guy do the mud floor and he would you know scratch coat the seams all.

Those savings are realized immediately because I can do the entire thing including the drain in one day done one day verse several days of traditional methods so that’s a huge saving to meet and aggravation for scheduling so thawed PML installs faster and easier and it’s lightweight like.

I said utility knife it cuts you only need a fastener one fastener per foot you know every inch let’s talk a little bit about the shower pan because that’s pretty interesting we defund a shower pan is percent waterproof and a thousand percent pure genius.

it’s prefabricated it’s pre sloped and it’s ready to tile and you install it on a wooden subfloor with latex modified thin set Remodeling A Bathroom.

You have to do where you follow manufacturer’s recommendations the panels the wall panels connect with shiplap kind of connections right into it the best part is the pan is completely waterproof eliminating.

How To Prepare For A Bathroom Remodeling

I live right here comes up there are two connections in there cut out which on the insides of the recessed Cabot’sthat’s very nice enough to ask me towel bars so older so you have to drill through the tile I guys want to do that but we do that take care wherever you guys want okay remodeling a bathroom subfloor.

So here is dying from cholera mind signing out like it said if you want a contract with its reliable dependable this premium in fields and keeps it quality of work shows me I where the company want to hire our odds to get it done once the right way and never ever probably say my work and get one piece thanks a lot thank you for tuning into our video.

Please check out our facebook page Instagram and subscribe on youtube here thanks a lot see you then next one precision home improvement precision home improvements does basically all the services that most homeowners with one from the roof to crown molding to kitchen renovation bathroom renovations baseman animations decking siding windows one of the people that I had that does the roofing.

He’s been doing roofing for years believe me if you have any questions about why your roof leaks you know be able to tell you in probably a half hour exactly what the problem is we built cabanas we built pergolas there’s virtually nothing that our company can’t do and you know we take pride in everything.

We do and we do an excellent job basic premise of my bathroom remodeling company is not necessarily just making money like most contractors its trust and integrity and the reason why I did that is that I feel that there’sno reason why it has to be a nonadversarial relationship between the customer and us.

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So I just cut the parts that are going to be showing and left the gap in the middle what’s going on here is the countertop is not parallel to the ceiling there are about a half inch gap from the left side to the right side Bathroom Remodeling Ideas.

So I undid my countertop put a couple spaces on the left side to raise it up a little bit that way everything’s nice and even once that was fixed and I knew all of my boards fit I went and put on a couple coats of provincial stained by Minwax and then a coat of Dennis oil to sort of seal it a little bit.

So I ‘m going to be using finish nails to attach the boards to the walls but for a bunch of extra strength I added some liquid nails construction adhesive to make sure this paneled wall is really really strong so I just kept on putting board after board and eventually got to the last one and I didn’t even have to cut it.

To width some how  or  however many ones by sixes was exactly the right length so plumbing is definitely not my forte but we got this really cool glass pedestal sinks online and unlike with a drop-in sink all I had to do was drill a couple holes for the drain and the faucet with Forstner bits in a good quick tip anytime.

You’re drilling Forstner bits or any kind of hole in a laminate countertop be sure and use masking tape to prevent it from chipping out over all this install was not terrible but it definitely it definitely wasn’t easy one utility late to him.

We got late we got it only took four hours so that was way seven hours expecting I think this is the perfect opportunity to hear about this week’s sponsor some tech makes.