Bathroom Remodeling The Most Trending Thing Now?

previous bathtub was also drop in and this piece was basically silly come down right on the edge to protect the water from getting behind the tab and this system was working perfectly for the past years so that’s why I decided to use the same thing on my top so I’m just going to put.

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A silicon underneath and then on the top I’m going to put a couple of screws to secure it to the wall and there’s going to be no water going underneath the top so no leaks so now I’m going to put this silicone on the back of my aluminum piece okay we know we’re going to put the last piece in place and it should be it for today okay push it down make sure that silicon is equally distributed.

underneath there yes my engine will gone so now put a little bit more silicon in the corners with two little pieces joined together I also put a couple screws just to hold it in place prevent it from moving or shifting this is called well for next four years nice and tight hardly Baker board is very hard to cut if you have to cut a really small tiny pieces it’s pretty easy to cut it with.

the knife and then you snap it it’s made out of cement and there is some silica so you really should not cut it with any electrical tools like sawmill or regular saw inside because this creates a lot of dust if you breathe it it gets to your lungs and then you can get sick so do not do it if you want to cut small pieces he was a wet saw or if you wanna you’re gonna have it cut it outside and well I was doing that yesterday I will see with my respirator mask even.


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