Find Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

So I just cut the parts that are going to be showing and left the gap in the middle what’s going on here is the countertop is not parallel to the ceiling there are about a half inch gap from the left side to the right side Bathroom Remodeling Ideas.

So I undid my countertop put a couple spaces on the left side to raise it up a little bit that way everything’s nice and even once that was fixed and I knew all of my boards fit I went and put on a couple coats of provincial stained by Minwax and then a coat of Dennis oil to sort of seal it a little bit.

So I ‘m going to be using finish nails to attach the boards to the walls but for a bunch of extra strength I added some liquid nails construction adhesive to make sure this paneled wall is really really strong so I just kept on putting board after board and eventually got to the last one and I didn’t even have to cut it.

To width some how  or  however many ones by sixes was exactly the right length so plumbing is definitely not my forte but we got this really cool glass pedestal sinks online and unlike with a drop-in sink all I had to do was drill a couple holes for the drain and the faucet with Forstner bits in a good quick tip anytime.

You’re drilling Forstner bits or any kind of hole in a laminate countertop be sure and use masking tape to prevent it from chipping out over all this install was not terrible but it definitely it definitely wasn’t easy one utility late to him.

We got late we got it only took four hours so that was way seven hours expecting I think this is the perfect opportunity to hear about this week’s sponsor some tech makes.


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