The Way You Approach Bathroom Remodeling In New Jersey

There is it does go up to one-inch wide board that can be applied directly to stuff as well with inch spacing cost lets talk a little bit about cost because people say oh Bathroom Remodeling In New Jersey.

It’s very expensive you compare the square-foot pricing of the wide panel it is absolutely more expensive than cement backer boards or fiber cement boards however in comparing value the wide panel saves extensive labor.

When you have to do the waterproofing of the substrate it’s it’s less likely to create environmental mold issues it’s its acts as a crack suppressor and it’s % less weight than the other products I just mentioned the total costs are reduced.

When you use these panels when you eliminate the need for a plumber to install the pan and the drain and a tile setter I would have my tile guy do the mud floor and he would you know scratch coat the seams all.

Those savings are realized immediately because I can do the entire thing including the drain in one day done one day verse several days of traditional methods so that’s a huge saving to meet and aggravation for scheduling so thawed PML installs faster and easier and it’s lightweight like.

I said utility knife it cuts you only need a fastener one fastener per foot you know every inch let’s talk a little bit about the shower pan because that’s pretty interesting we defund a shower pan is percent waterproof and a thousand percent pure genius.

it’s prefabricated it’s pre sloped and it’s ready to tile and you install it on a wooden subfloor with latex modified thin set Remodeling A Bathroom.

You have to do where you follow manufacturer’s recommendations the panels the wall panels connect with shiplap kind of connections right into it the best part is the pan is completely waterproof eliminating.


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