Top Risks Of Window Tinting

I’m just going Window Tinting Service to wipe everything down so I can get a really good visual still seeing some trash up here I got it now I’m going to take one of my hard cards sometimes they use my apply them sometimes I use this when it just depends on the window and I’m going to put it in my cloth and I’m going to actually use it to wipe down the insides of these cracks you’d be surprised.

Everything You Need To Know About Window Tinting Service

At what you can get Window Tinting Service some of the darkest places in the car let’s look at that all that black so right now I’m happy with that and I’m going to scrape the bottom little part that just came up inspect it not get in a big hurry I’m going to take this them do the same step on the bottom of these cracks and then I’m going to dry the rest of it off okay I’m happy with that now.

I’m going to do a final prep for the installation of the window film I’m gonna re wet the window just notice I don’t use a lot of water okay you know sometimes people feel like they’ve got to drown their window with water I’ve never had luck with that the more water you I’ve used the more problems I’ve run into especially with electronics and just making a mess but Window tinting service I’m going to wipe.

My squeegee blade clean and I’m gonna start with strokes from one side to the other I’m not going to just break it up I’m just going to try to do continuous strokes it’s getting time for me to change out this squeegee it’s not making the best cleanest path that’s leaving.

A little bit of residue behind a little water residue that’s not really going to cause me how many problems for this but Skype do it again just to make sure I get all the water and then we’ll put my my point down in these.



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